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VoIP GSM Gateways

The Smartest Way from IP to GSM Networks

VoIP GSM Gateways - are IP based SIP or SIP/H.323 GSM Gateways, which enable companies to make calls directly from IP phones to GSM networks. VoIP GSM Gateways are compatible with many IP PBXs, including VistaNet's CentelPBX IP PBX.

Professionally built VoIP GSM Gateways! Are an ideal complementary product to any SIP-based IP PBX. It allows the user to get from the IP to a GSM network and vice versa efficiently and cost-effectively. With most service providers now offering free mobil to mobil minutes. You need not draw from your plan minutes to make calls between your branch offices' and field personnel. The Ethernet (RJ 45) connection is a significant advantage in most cases.

VistaNet GSM Gateways offers VoIP services (internet telephony), all functions and advantages of digital GSM Gateways and many other features. Thanks to its efficient LCR, the VoIP GSM Gateway (Fixed Cellular Terminal) always chooses the cheapest route to any GSM network used. Gaining a 100% control of all outgoing GSM calls is one of the main advantages of our VoIP GSM Gateway compared with other, "home-made" solutions. With the help of voice prompts and efficient CLIP routing, VistaNet VoIP GSM Gateway always routes GSM calls to the right IP phone.

Our Solutions have been successfully tested and proved compatible with following systems:

  • Cisco Call Manager

  • Alcatel Omni PCx Enterprise systems

  • Siemens Hi Path 2 000

  • Asterisk PBX system

  • CentelPBX IP PBX

  • Televentage equipment

  • Epygi IP PBX

  • Call Manager Express


  • Up to four GSM channel gateway
  • Follow Me
  • Standard SIP client
  • Smart Voice Routing - Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Intelligent incoming call routing
  • SMS server - support for SMS messages sending & receiving
  • LCR according to free minutes
  • Top voice quality (EFR super sound)
  • Worldwide use (GSM 900/1800 MHz and 850/1900MHz)
  • DISA with voice navigation, user defined voice message for incoming calls
  • AT command based administration
  • CDR buffer for up to 500,000 records, Compact flash
  • LOG and statistics saving
  • Integrated antenna splitte

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