IP Converged Networks

The VistaNet Communications point-to-point system is a family of products using the 5.7Ghz unlicensed band. This system transports data traffic from one location to another over wireless "radios" called routers or links. The VistaNet Communications Link can interconnect high-speed data between buildings or facilities and are characterized by low end-to-end signal delay.

This wireless product is a cost effective wireless transport up to 16Mbps over a distance of up to 12 miles. This product has been used primarily in point-to-point applications from the Tier 1 backbone long haul distribution network, or the "Internet Cloud", direct to the end user. Growing demand for multi-tenant applications in office buildings, business parks, and campus environments where wireline installation facilities are cost prohibitive or simply not available make the point-to-point solution ideal for Big Bandwidth transport.

Any "software" upgrades are accomplished remotely via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Security features are built into the system.

Symmetrical access speeds from 128Kbps through 16Mbps (full duplex).


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