IP Converged Networks

VistaNet Communications provides a point-to-multipoint system that interconnects a large number of facilities in a relatively small area. In order to serve a larger geographic region and a larger number of facilities, multiple systems are interconnected using point-to-multipoint technology. Connection into the end user's local area network, or LAN, from the remote router (access terminal) is accomplished through a standard Ethernet cable.

The router operates a full duplex radio by using both the 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz unlicensed bands with frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology to provide a unique solution in high interference environments. This advanced dual band technology guarantees an additional level of security and network integrity not available in any other system utilizing both the ISM and UNII bands.

Any "software" upgrades are accomplished remotely via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Security features are built into the system

Symmetrical access speeds from 128Kbps through full T1 rates of 1.5Mbps


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