IP Converged Networks
Multi-Tenant Application

The multi-tenant Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) product offering from VistaNet Communications can be deployed using either wireline (copper wire) or wireless transport for connectivity to the Internet. The multi-tenant unit (MTU) is an on-premise system and is available in selected service locations to business class customers requiring a business Internet solution. Using existing building telephone wiring eliminates the need for expensive CAT 5 cable runs, and is the ideal solution for building owners and property managers to quickly provide this carrier class high speed DSL service to their tenants. Complete system support and 24X7 network administration enables this value added service to be launched on any property from our network headquarters.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical data rates from 128Kbps through full T1 rates of 1.5Mbps

Tiered data rates available.

Normal provisioning time is 5-10 days over existing phone lines

Ideal for intra-building VLAN, Branch-to-Branch VLAN

Built in IP routing and firewall protection.


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