IP Converged Networks
How It Works

The system in its most basic form is very simple. The Subscriber Unit (SU) talks with our Access Point (AP) at any distance from a few hundred feet to 10+ miles. But that's not what makes our system unique. Our system uses the uncrowded 5 GHz wireless for more bandwidth at faster speeds.

However, once we get the Access Point talking to the Subscriber Unit, there is still the need to connect the customer to the access point. We can do anything from a single customer per Subscriber Unit to multiple customers using our "lit building" concept. The concept is quite simple: provide Internet access to as many customers that want it in a single building. This can happen by running physical ethernet throughout the building or providing broadcast wireless access points that communicate with wireless network cards.

In order to ensure that the system continues running, we keep a constant watch on bandwidth allocation and usage and monitor all devices including customer routers to ensure that everything is up. This is what really sets us apart from the rest.


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