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Hitachi-Cable Wireless IPC-5000 WiFi SIP VoIP Wireless phone

IPC-5000 - Hitachi-Cable Wireless IP-5000 Professional Wireless SIP IP-Phone Wifi 802.11 B. Ind. support for UPNP and outbound proxy

Product Features

  • The product offers basic functions similar to existing cell phones.
  • Memorizes up to 200 addresses
  • Displays short messages
  • Vibrating Alert (telephone, short messages)
  • The product is developed as wireless LAN terminal equipment and has the following functions needed by system integrators.
  • PING - to check if IP packet has been delivered to a designated address
  • Function for searching wireless LAN access points
  • Function for measuring radio signal strength
  • The "Wireless IP-5000" can be set up and supplied power by connecting it to a personal computer via USB cable. The product is designed to work under various conditions and is easy to operate.


  • Call contrl protocol -- SIP
  • Voice encoding method -- G.711A-Law/U-Law, G.729A
  • Wireless LAN specification Standard--IEEE802.11b compliant
  • Protocol--CSMA/CA
  • Transmission method Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
  • Speed -- 11/5.5/2/1/Mbps
  • Radio frequency -- 2.400~2.497GHz
  • Call time -- Continuous call time -- Approx. 3:10 hours
  • Continuous stand-by-time -- Approx. 55 hours
  • Charging time -- Approx. 3 hours
  • Dimensions 127(H)x43(W)x20.2(T)mm
  • Weigh -- 102g
  • Other equipment included -- Wireless IP-5000 body, cradle, AC adapter, batteries
  • Option -- USB cable (60cm)

Product Brochure

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