IP Converged Networks
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does "Wireless Broadband" mean?

A. Broadband defines communication with data rates exceeding 1.5 Mbps. Wireless broadband is not mobile wireless, which allows users mobility while using the service. Wireless Broadband is communications to buildings or a cell site, which does not move.

Q. Why is Wireless Broadband so critical?

A. Wireless Broadband solutions allow service providers, like VistaNet Communications to quickly deploy high-quality data links that deliver services where there is no existing, infrastructure or to expand existing fiber, cable or DSL plants.

Q. What is so unique about VistaNet's Wireless Broadband solutions as compared to the competition?

A. VistaNet Communications deploys multiple "carrier grade" wireless product lines that offer data rates in both traditional line of sight operations as well as obstructed environments to business customers who have significant bandwidth requirements.

Q. How can Businesses benefit from Wireless Broadband services?

A. The cost to deploy is significantly less. There is no local loop charge. Business bypasses the local carrier. Installation time for the service is in days not weeks; the bandwidth is scalable from 128K to multiple T1's. Further, Wireless Broadband is available to customers who do not have access via wireline.

Q. Why not just use DSL or Cable for broadband services?

A. Wireline is a great choice for residential services. However, upstream bandwidth is limited and not suitable for business applications. DSL services is distance sensitive. There are areas without highspeed wireline access and businesses may have to wait for years to get service. VistaNet Communications solutions enable cost-effective, rapid deployment of services to these customers.

Q. What is Spectrum?

A. Spectrum is the full range of electromagnetic frequencies, often classified in bands or ranges. Spectrum is usually licensed by governing bodies. These licenses are country specific.

Q. Won’t wireless just replace wireline deployments?

A. Wireline will also have its place in the world. Wireless will be another service heavily used in the future. Analysts predict that wireless broadband growth will continue to climb in the next millennium.


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