IP Converged Networks
Document and Image Management Services

Multimode Data Management and Flexibility

Today, most information is still in paper form, which is difficult to manage. As businesses begin to automate and as work processes evolve, effective and simultaneous coordination of paper and electronic information becomes critical. Multimode data management addresses the ability to effeciently work with all the information that is available to the enterprise in the form of paper, electronic data, faxes, images, and voice to coordinate it through work process automation. we use the "walk before run" philosophy starting with pilot projects and later developing complex and effective implementations as the enterprise integrates the change.

Electronic document implementations can eliminate a paper jungle providing many benefits.

Our Document and Image Management Services

  • Integrated solutions:
    Document management
    Image management
  • Conversion services
  • Supplier of hardware, software, integration, training, and support

Benefits of Electronic Documents

  • Improves decisions through availability of information
  • Simultaneous document access for quick response and timely action
  • Reduced storage space expenses
  • Company-wide fast document retrieval and routing
  • Eliminates lost or misfiled documents