IP Converged Networks
Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)

Customer care through multimedia

Customer satisfaction imposes a set of complex requirements on any organization committed to high-quality customer service. Strategies to improve service and increase customer satisfaction can directly translate to bottom line profits by reducing expenses and creating an infrastructure which supports differentiation and effective competition.

We specialize in designing and implementing customer management strategies through the effective integration of voice, data, and image technologies. VistaNet provides both a methodology and framework for developing world-class delivery systems. Customer applications include client support systems, field sales and service, headquarters marketing, quality control, and technical support. Based on client- server architecture, our technology platforms include CTI application, SQL databases, network integration, host integration, and telephony and imaging servers.

Organizations with the right customer management strategies will stay ahead of the competition

Our Services

  • IP PBX Business Telephony Solutions
  • Customer management strategy development
  • Application development
  • Systems integration - voice, data, and images
  • Installation, training, and support

CTI Benefits

  • Instant access to product/ service/ customer information for customer support and decision making
  • Efficient, cost-effective utilization of sales, marketing, and service resources
  • Ability to differentiate from competitors through service management
  • Expanded ability to market products and services

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